Do you love playing online games? You might be pleased to hear its good for your brains too! gaming keeps your mind active. So if you want to have little fun and stimulate your mind at the same time, playing online or video games two or three times a week may be a good thing for players; as playing computer games are said to increase your problem-solving skills and adopt to situations more quickly in real life too. PC Games may also enhance a player’s memory. A team of neurobiologists from the University of California has found evidence that regular playing of 3D games can boost players memory power. Gamers are also good at visual tasks, increased processing speed and great at multi-tasking abilities. So if you have a passion for online games these are some the good reason to keep yourself busy with gaming!

Looking for the best PC and online video games? Here is list of the most popular online video games that’s sweeping the online gaming world right now:

● Apex Legends


● Fornite Battle Royale

● League of Legends (LOL)

● Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

● HearthStone

● Minecraft

● DOTA 2

● Apex Legends

● The Division 2

● Splatoon 2

● Death Stranding

● Fire Emblem: Three Houses

● Outer Wilds

● Resident Evil 2

● Slay the Spire